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How do I pay payroll to my employees?

Attention: All employers

All newly hired employees are subject to a "New Hire Reporting Law". This law is to catch "dead beat" moms and dads so that child support payments can be deducted from their pay. Even if you're positive that a new person is not a "dead beat" parent, the form still has to be sent in. Newly hired employees are defined as all new employees hired from October 1997 on. This is to be done indefinitely for all new hires. A fine of $20 per employee is now being imposed if the form is not sent in. As an employer you must provide NYS with the following information:

If any employees have not been sent in, send them in now.

Mail copy to:
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
New Hire Notification
PO Box 15119
Albany, NY 12212-5119

or Fax copy to:
(518) 869-3318